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Oct 21, 2021


Character System Change.

Good Day Mercenaries,

As you may recall from our previous announcement, a new Character Skin System is coming soon. These new character skins will be known as Premium Characters and will replace the current special characters (e.g. Nina, Irene Leopard etc.)

We are aware that some of you still have special characters which you are currently using or might even have some in the unused state. We know there’s been quite a number of questions about what will happen to them once the Premium Characters are released and so we’ll elaborate more on the exchange system that we briefly mentioned previously.

Once the Premium Characters are launched, an exchange system will also be patched into the game. This exchange system will allow you to exchange your special characters for a Premium Character of your choice. Here is the information you will need to know in anticipation of this: 

Duration of Characters

1. I currently have a special character used/equipped.

> After the maintenance, all used/equipped special characters will be forcefully unequipped and the character’s remaining duration will freeze/stop counting down.

2. I have several characters in the used state.

> All special characters, regardless of whether they are equipped or not, will have their remaining duration frozen.

3. My special character only has less than 1 hour duration left. Can I still exchange it for a Premium Character?

> When we freeze the remaining duration;

As long as your character has between 1 minute - 1 day left, it will be reflected as having 1 Day left in the duration. 

If your character has 1 day and 1 minute left, it will be reflected as having 2 Days left in the duration. 

In other words, you are guaranteed not to lose any of the remaining durations that you have.  

Exchange System:

1. After the maintenance, login to BlackShot.

2. Select the BlackShot Character that had special characters previously and enter a lobby.

3. Go to your loadout, under “Outfits”, check the “Character” section.

4. Check to ensure all your characters are present and correctly accounted for.

5. Select a special character and try to equip it.

6. A Character Exchange Pop-up will appear. 

7. In the Pop-up, on the right side, select one of the new Premium Characters you want to exchange your special character for. 

8. The selected special character will then be exchanged for the new Premium Character of your choice. Check your mailbox for the new premium character! 

Just follow these steps, it’s as easy as that.

Get ready! This and more exciting updates coming to you real soon! 


Team BlackShot 

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