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Aug 11, 2022


Gachabox Update
Check out what's new in the Gachaboxes!

Check out what's new in the new Gacha boxes (Updated 11 Aug, 2022)

[[Premium Box]]

Fast. Stable. Effective.

The DAN Azrael+ headlines the Box along with the NX1 Apocalypse+!

Guaranteed Tier 4 Gem Items. 3-365D 

DAN Azrael+

AWP Specter+

McMillan Blackest Grade+

Cheytac Cerberus+

MSR Omega+

AWP Arc Reactor+

T-5000 Woodland+

NX1 Apocalypse+

Taurus Curve+

Bronzewolf Grenade+

Selfie Stick Lightsaber+


[[Complete Box]]

You have already seen what the LWRC Azrael+ is capable of.

Get it before it's gone!

Guaranteed Tier 4 Gem Items. 3-365D 

LWRC Azrael+

M4A1 Omega+

SCAR Blackest Grade+

HK416 Omega+

AK47 Heavy Rain+

HK416 Snow+

M4A1 Hive+


Selfie Stick Lightsaber+


Silverwolf Grenade+


[[Lucky Box]]

The M4A1 Elite+ and P90 Emas+ are known for easy handling and fast fire rates.

Find out why!

Guaranteed Tier 4 Gem Items. 1-365D 

M4A1 Elite+

P90 Emas+

Neo Grenade Mk.1+

Neo Grenade Mk.3+

VX Cerberus+

Desert Eagle Legion+

Azure Skyripper+

NZ1 Knife+


VX Grenade+

[[Bounty Box]]

Three community favourite Gem items are now up for grabs with Gold.

What a steal!

Claim your Daily Free Box here.

AWP Blackest Grade+


Famas GIGN+

M4A1 Tiger

Tavor Arctic


DSR Blackburn

AKS74U Ivory

Kriss Vector Copper Star


M4 Super90 Snow


Glock18 Dual


Wolf Fang

Compact Gas

Team BlackShot

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