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Mar 11, 2023


Gachabox Update
Check out what's new in the Gachaboxes!

Check out what's new in the new Gacha boxes (Updated 9 Mar, 2023)

[[Premium Box]]

Featuring the new SEMI-AUTO Barrett Crush+! 

Get this exclusive firearm now before it's gone.

Guaranteed Tier 4 Gem item. 3-365D


MSR Cryophoenix+

McMillan Strike+

AWP Blackest Grade+

McMillan Omega+

McMillan Wilderness+

MK12 Desert+

Sawed-off Bullseye+

Selfie Stick Lightsaber+

VX Grenade+

Silverwolf Grenade+


[[Complete Box]]

Kana's favourite HK416 Crush+ is fresh off the conveyor belts!

Try it for yourself now.

Guaranteed Tier 4 Gem item. 3-365D

HK416 Crush+

AK47 SRM Omega+

SCAR Blackest Grade+

M4A1 Blackest Grade+

HK416 Marine+

LWRC Sandstorm+

MG36 Glacial+

Selfie Stick Lightsaber+

VX Grenade+

Goldwolf Grenade+

Desert Eagle Legion+


[[Collection Box]]

Kana the NEWEST character is now available!

Get her alongside her exclusive outfits.

Better chances of getting Kana & Dami now!


Kana Sunvisor

Kana Backpack

Kana Mask

Face Leopard

Earset Microphone


Dami Headphone

Orange Headphone

Blue Headphone

Bunny Hat

Bunny Suit

Red Bunny Hat

Red Bunny Suit

Red Rabbit Helmet

Flyby Backpack

Jazzy Strike Bag

Angel Wings

Vintage Glasses

Black Pirate

Green Fluid

Magazine Extension+

Anti-Flash Implant+

Heal Protocol+

Departing Gift+

Demolition Man+

[[Lucky Box]]

The beginner-friendly yet reliable M4A1-G+ is available here.

Just 98 Gems per spin!

Guaranteed Tier 4 Gem item. 1-365D


MSR Subzero+

Kriss Vector Urban+

Goldwolf Grenade+

Taurus Curve+

Desert Eagle Legion+

Rib Club+

Silver Dragon Sword+

VX Grenade+

Silverwolf Grenade+

[[Bounty Box]]

One of the original HK416 models: the HK416 Tuah+!

Comes with a built-in scope.

Available with Gold. Claim your Daily Free Box.

HK416 Tuah+


Uzi Jaguar+

AK47 Gold Moon

M4A1 Tiger

AWP Black

Cheytac Desert

P90 Jungle

MAT 49

Sawed-off Shotgun


Glock21 Dual

Auto9 Chromium


Compact Gas

Spiked bomb

Team BlackShot

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