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Sep 3, 2021


Community Q&A

Feedback Q&A

1. Server Issues

Q> We have experienced inconsistent network performance and issues when playing on the BlackShot servers (e.g. delays and disconnections) but this is not the case on some other games. Are you guys planning to do anything about this?  

A> First and foremost, please allow us to express our apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. As different games are hosted on different servers, it is not uncommon to have different network experiences when playing different games. Nevertheless, we are fully aware of the need to provide the best possible servers for you guys and we are testing several different Server Hosts to find one that is best suited for our community. Once we do, we will be sure to swap all our servers to improve the service and experience. 

2. Nerf Grenade Launchers

Q> Grenade Launchers have disrupted the balance of the game, especially the M32 Blitz+ and M32 Firewalker+. They are too overpowered in terms of damage, fire rate and accuracy. How will you address this? 

A> We decided to add a new type of weapon to introduce greater variety into the game. Unfortunately, we regret that the balancing was not sufficiently tweaked at the beginning. Having heard the feedback from the community, we have since applied nerfs to the M32 series of launchers. We understand that there are still some complaints with regards to Grenade Launchers in general and hence we are still reviewing these weapons to see how they can be adjusted again

We currently do not have any more Grenade Launchers planned for release. But we do have plans to add new special weapons such as a crossbow. 

3. Introduce more weapons (old + new)

Q> We enjoy seeing new weapons every month and hope to see more! But we would also like to see the return of classic old weapons. When and how are those weapons added? Are there also plans to introduce brand new weapon series?

A> We are constantly adding new weapons every update to increase the variety of weapons available. But we are also very much aware of your desire to use old weapons. Hence we have already started releasing an old weapon every month and will continue to do so. Brand new weapons will take more time to make but we are certainly looking into these as well for the near future. 

4. Macro Detection Implementation

Q> We have noticed a lot of players who are using Macro tools while playing. They have an unusual fire rate and recoil control. This is extremely frustrating. Do you have a plan to catch and ban such players?  

A> We are very much aware of this issue and we take a very strong stance against any form of abusive behaviour. We are actively working on this issue with BattlEye to detect any cheating players. Our GM Team is also monitoring the situation closely and gathering evidence, based on reports and players they suspect, for BattlEye’s review. We are working on a more accurate way of catching and penalising such players and will continue to keep this as a high priority matter. 

5. Sniper Damage Inconsistent + Bring back armour + Improve pistol swap speed

Q> Sometimes, sniper rifles seem to not be able to kill others with 1 bullet and the damage doesn’t seem consistent. Will this be fixed? We also want to see the return of armour gears to reduce damage taken from rifles/snipers/SMGs etc. And lastly, can we have faster swap speeds to pistols and other weapons like before?

A> For the first point on the damage, all weapons have different damage ranges for different parts of the character. For that reason, it is not always the case that sniper rifles can always kill with just 1 bullet. 

Next, for the armour (damage reducing gears), we are still deciding between making this available with gears or with a system. As reducing damage taken will affect the entire balancing of the game and all weapons, we will need more time to explore and consider this

Finally, regarding improving the pistol swapping speed, we also share your concerns on this. However, we are unable to change this that easily as the current swap time is a part of the overall balancing of the weapon system. Changes to this will result in some players being happy about it and also another group of players that may not like it. We will need more time to test and find a more optimal swapping speed/time. 

6. Add in Winning Streaks and Streak Killers into Clan War

Q> We would like to have the old “Winning Streaks” and “Streak Killer” features in Clan War. This should include the lobby words, end game scoreboard as well as dramatic music. Maybe throw in an extra logo in-game too! 

A> Thank you for your suggestion! We know that there is immense pride previously when you see those big “Winning Streak” or “Streak Killer” words appear on the end game scoreboard. We will definitely consider this suggestion and see if we can bring it back. 

7. Do not reset Clan’s Win-Lose record but only reset their seasonal points

Q> Currently when Clan War season ends, both Clan Points and match records are reset. However, we would like to see our own clan's match records even after a Clan War season.

A> We understand your concern and the importance of retaining one’s clan match records as a matter of clan pride. As such, we have decided that we shall implement the suggestion and Clan Records will not be reset. 

8. Rebalancing of P90 Emas+ and Shotguns (Z1A1 series, NX1 Judgement+ etc.)

Q> We have feedback that some weapons are too strong/overpowered, such as the P90 Emas+, Z1A1 series, and NX1 Judgement+ compared with other weapons of similar tiers. Will these overpowered weapons be rebalanced?

A> We have acknowledged this issue and are currently working on this. Making adjustments to weapon balancing is tricky and requires careful calibration which can take some time. Do continue to let the GM Team know should there be more overpowered weapons in BlackShot in the future that requires our attention.

9. Introduce old game modes (SD-I, BD, UBA)

Q> Recently, there has been a couple of new modes added however, we miss the older modes such as SD-I, BD, and UBA. Are there any plans to reintroduce those modes?

A> We regret to inform you that there are no plans to reintroduce the old game modes as we have looked at the past data and realised that these modes were not very popular. Fret not, we are planning to introduce more exciting game modes in the future which will definitely spice up your BlackShot experience. 

10. Increase mastery/rank unlockables and rewards

Q> There used to be more mastery items in the shop which were purchasable upon reaching a certain mastery level. Now, there is only one mastery unlockable sold in the shop, for Grand Master. Also, the previous Rank up rewards in the past used to be better than what it is now. Are there plans to improve the mastery/rank rewards and unlockable items?

A> Although we have not made any plans on this yet, we have heard your concerns and have started discussions on this matter. 

11. Introduce more old maps

Q> There are currently already many maps in BlackShot for our favourite modes (e.g. Panic Space SF, Safe House etc.). However, we still miss some nostalgic and older maps. Can you bring back these beloved maps?

A> Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring back the older maps because these maps are very old and there are performance issues with them that cannot be addressed and would require re-making the maps entirely. Instead we are going to be releasing more new maps.

12. Add Med Kit+ to packages

Q> We want Med Kit+ to be inside more packages. Will Med Kit+ be added into Packages and, how often will there be new packages added to the Shop?

A> We understand that Med Kit+ is one of the more popular items. As much as we would love to add it into every single package, each of our packages is designed to have their own style and theme and unfortunately, Med Kit+ cannot fit into every package’s design.

Also, regarding the other question, we will be adding at least 1 new package every 2 months! This way you'll always have lots of packages to choose from.

13. Buff Mastery Weapons (NX1 series)

Q> We are unhappy with the current stats of the mastery weapons in the shop. We spent a lot of time and effort to achieve the weapon mastery level, but the performance of the mastery weapons is not worth the effort. It makes us upset when, after hitting Grand Master, the weapon is not as good as we thought it would be. Will you rebalance these weapons?

A> We acknowledge your feedback and are looking into rebalancing/buffing some of the Mastery weapons. We plan to buff it in a way that makes it comparable to the best gold weapons in the game but this will take us some time to implement so we seek your patience on this matter. 

14. Addition of old character skins

Q> There are many Character skins now, including some new ones but there are also some old ones that have yet to be released. When will the older skins be released and will they retain the same ability as they did in the past?

A> We have already released quite a fair bit of old character skins (Special Characters) in the shop. However, in this update, we’ve removed a number of Special Characters from the shop as we are making enhancements to the entire character skin system. 

Fret not, we have plans for more character skins to be released once the enhanced system is up and running! More details on the new Character Skin System will be released soon.

15. Sell more Gold Weapons in shop (including Tier 4 and others that were found in Gacha)

Q> We wish to see more variety of Gold items/weapons in the shop as the current selection is limited. Although the recent patches include some Gold weapons, the number of items/weapons released is not as much as the Gem content.

Additionally, there used to be some ‘exclusive’ repairable weapons such as the AK47 Spider and MSR Phoenix that can only be obtained through Gacha box. Will these weapons be added to the shop?

A> We currently do not have any plans to add any of these ‘exclusive’ repairable weapons to the shop. However, we plan to add more gold items/weapons each month as well as introduce new weapons for you to add to your loadout! We understand how much you want these old weapons and the nostalgia that they bring, but please try out the new ones as well! You never know, you just might find a new favourite weapon!

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