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Aug 6, 2018


Competitive Season 1 Rewards
New rankings and rewards

Competitive Season 1 brings new rankings and rewards. Here's a full rundown of what you can achieve before the end of Season 1 on Sep 5.

Bronze (0-999 ELO)

-P90, Glock18, Med Kit

Silver (1000-1299 ELO)

-SPAS-12 Leopard, Glock18, Med Kit

Gold (1300-1599 ELO)

-HK416 Hex, Glock21 Tiger Stripe, Med Kit

Platinum (1600-1899 ELO)

-AK47 SRM Shadow, P90 Digital, Med Kit, Speed Kit, 5000 Gold

Diamond (1900-2049 ELO)

-AWP Stealth, HK416 Abyss, M1014 Arctic, Med Kit, Speed Kit, 5000 Gold

Master (2050-2099 ELO)

-AK47 SRM Tuning, Dragunov Nighthawk, SR-2 Veresk Shadow, Kodachi, Med Kit, Speed Kit, 10,000 Gold

Grand Master (2100-2500 ELO)

-McMillan Chameleon, Z1A1, MP7 Shade, MP412 REX Thorn, Glock21 Tiger STripe, Med Kit, Speed Kit, 10,000 Gold

The Black (Top 10)

-AK47 Spider, McMillan Chameleon, P90 Nomad, Gold Trophy, Speed Kit, Med Kit, Black Inferno Cap, 10,000 Gold

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